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Complete history of Delta Kappa Gamma International and its Founder Dr. Annie Webb Blanton.

In 1916,Annie Webb Blanton was the first woman elected president of the Texas State Teachers Association. While in office, he was able to establish a fund to finance campaigns to secure more support for public schools.Her success as president led teachers to encourage her to run for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.. Her candidacy was sponsored by the Texas State Women's Suffrage Association.

In 1918, with the support of the State Department of Education and numerous civic organizations, educators, and legislators,she was the first woman elected to public office in Texas. After four years in that position, he ran unsuccessfully for the United States Congress. Dr. Blanton earned a master's degree from the University of Texas at Austin and worked as an adjunct professor of school administration for three years before going to Cornell University to earn a doctorate in rural education and rural sociology. She returned to the University of Texas in 1927 and in 1933 was promoted to Professor of Rural Education, the third woman to receive this rank at the university.

Annie Webb Blanton's wide circle of acquaintances, her organizational and leadership skills, andhis tireless zeal led to the rapid growth and expansion of Delta Kappa Gamma after that first initiation on May 11, 1929.. Although the other Founders helped her with expansion into Texas, Dr. Blanton did much of the work organizing other states.

By 1941, Delta Kappa Gamma had expanded to 35 states and 80 chapters. At the end of 1941,Dr. Blanton went to live with her niece Dorothy Thatcher, who lived about six miles from Austin. Between that time and 1945, Dr. Blanton suffered from arthritis and numerous brief illnesses that interfered with her teaching and work with Delta Kappa Gamma.

In the spring of 1945, Dr. Blanton fell ill with intestinal flu complicated by a heart condition, and it was not until mid-May that she was able to resume her duties at Delta Kappa Gamma. Although her doctors advised her not to travel, she made plans to attend a National Executive Board meeting in Denver, scheduled for August 27-28. At the end of the summer, his health worsened and did not respond to medical treatment. Annie Webb Blanton passed away on October 2, 1945. She is buried on her family plot in Austin's Oakwood Cemetery, shaded by towering oak trees.

Delta Kappa Gamma currently has more than 52,000 members in 17 countries.

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Who is a DKG woman?

A DKG woman is a leader in education and at work. Leadership is all about influence, impact, and innovation. Leading the way to a brighter future, because she knows the greatness within her.

A DKG womanshare your passion for learning and teaching. With educators from all walks of life.'A teacher educates the future'. Thanking for those who dedicate themselves to teaching, and who work hard in the classroom, day after day.⁣

A DKG womanmanages to find the perfect solutions to everyday problems! His Creative mind knows no limits. We know you also have a creative side.

Join the DKG community and show your ideas.


Interested in becoming a DKG member?

DKG membership is an honor and offered at the invitation of a local chapter.

A candidate member must:

  • Yoidentify yourselfaswomen.

  •  Be or have been employed as an active professional teacher at the timeof your choice.

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