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What does it mean to be Delta Kappa Gamma?

"If we want a world of peace and justice,  we must decisively put intelligence at the service of Love"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

My testimony in DKG

Being Delta Kappa Gamma, takes me back to the second commandment of the law  of God,  which says "You shall love your neighbor as yourself". That is to resolutely put intelligence at the service of Love, which begins by knowing our talents, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses from our mind and heart. To empower them in us as outstanding leaders in our community, and deliver them to others.

It is precisely there, where DKG begins to develop our leadership with scholarships to study from training courses to a Doctorate degree, where women like Dr. Annie Webb Blanton, and 12 other founders sowed seeds that continue to bear fruit, in 17 countries. to women with a goal in their hearts,teach.

In addition to trips to conventions to meet brilliant and wonderful women who are changing the world, one child at a time, but with strength and enthusiasm, creating new scholarships and foundations, and recreating a meaningful chain of blessings, where giving is as rewarding as receiving. .

I have personally represented DKG Puebla, as State and Chapter President in Puebla, traveling to International Conventions. and giving Conferences, in the state conventions of different countries, I have received scholarships to study. In addition to the enormous privilege of being a Golden Gift - Leadership scholarship to study at the Mc Combs Business school of the University of Texas at Austin, it brings together leaders in education from various countries, such as the United States, Finland, Germany, among others, and Me representing Mexico, with great pride.

On the other hand, our chapter has benefited, in times of natural disasters, with financial aid from the DKG Emergency Fund, as well as various scholarships, among which the Eula Lee Carter Scholarship stands out, which is the Excellence Scholarship to study a PhD, at the university of your choice.

Being Delta Kappa Gamma is being part of a sorority of women who are strong, brave, determined, capable, intelligent and at the service of others. It is a chain of benefits, linked to a series of decisions that lead to new adventures to give and receive, in an eternal and significant virtuous circle of love and sustained growth. Being DKG is an experience that opens your perspective to a world without limits.


Our team

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